Brain Gym® is part of a larger programme called Educational Kinesiology. Developed by Dr Paul Dennison, this approach is based on the theory that neural pathways are developed and strengthened when we move with intention.

Brain Gym® activities enable the right and left brain to ‘switch-on’ and work together more fully. This programme is excellent for parents, teachers and those people who already work with children. Brain Gym® activities are great way to improve your performance in learning, sport, business or any area at all!

Courses are certified by the Educational Kinesiology Foundation

The Educational Kinesiology Programme consists of a number of courses of which Brain Gym 101 is taken first. Other courses in the programme include:

  • Optimal Brain Organisation

  • Whole Brain Learning

  • Visioncircles

  • Double Doodle

  • Edu-K In Depth: Seven Dimensions of Intelligence

  • Movement re-education

I loved meeting new people, deepening my awareness and knowledge and building my confidence to use these new skills.
— JW

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Brain Gym helps us
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